SAP Big Data Inspiration Day

(Photo by Lucas Remmers, SAP)

Big Data Inspiration Day

SAP Big Data Inspiration Day 2014 took place on the 5th of November 2014. The day was filled with inspiring insights from thought leaders in Big Data.

During the event I had the pleasure of presenting a keynote on the influence of Culture on how we interpret Big Data. In my talk I discussed a number of cases of global and local brands such as Facebook, Alibaba and Coca-Cola.

By gaining in-depth knowledge of local cultures brands have the opportunity to make effective use of Big Data in order to increase customer confidence, gain competitive advantage and ultimately learn to ask the right questions instead of trying to provide the answers to questions that are not there.

Companies should focus on generating questions first, answers will follow.

Big Data needs context  to become actionable.

Culure is a dimension often ignored when it comes to online data.

Interpretation = Information + Culture

Presentations and panel discussions involved contributions from:

  • Alys Woodward Research Director, IDC
  • Lee Dittmar Principal at Deloitte Consulting
  • Ryan Faris Senior Manager Accenture – Thought leader Big Data Netherlands
  • Anurag Shrivastava Manager – DevOps Transition at ING Nederland
  • Timo Elliott Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP
  • Manuel Sevilla VP, CTO for Global BIM, Capgemini

Culture & Big Data Presentation & Blog

For a blog on this presentation please visit blog from SAP Netherlands.

The slideshow is available below:

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