Dutch Marketing Awards 2020 – De Toekomst van de Marketeer

De marketeer van nu is over 10 jaar niet meer relevant! Digitale ontwikkelingen van de afgelopen decennia hebben invloed op alle lagen van organisaties: In de laatste 100 jaar konden organisaties door middel van marketing zorgen voor verandering in consumentengedrag. Anno 2020 is het precies andersom: het veranderende consumentengedrag zet organisaties onder druk en transformeert […]

Culture – Context for Media, Marketing and Globalization

Culture – Context for Media, Marketing and Globalization People are loyal to culture not strategy! Culture provides an important context for our communication, media usage, marketing and global strategies. People travel, migrate or connect online always carrying their culture with them. Therefore recognizing cultural diversity is a very important asset for any organization. Recently I […]

DartGroup Greenspot Session on Culture

Interview with DartGroup Interview Transcript in English What does the statement ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ mean to you? It is quite simple. Many companies experience the consequences of this almost daily without recognizing it. Whether you are the CEO of a company, a marketer running a campaign or an employee communicating with a colleague […]