Sirous Kavehercy - Rotary Club Maarssen Breukelen

Artificial Intelligence en Diversiteit & Inclusie: symbiose of botsing – Rotary Club Maarssen-Breukelen

"18 april 2024 stond voor Rotary Club Maarssen-Breukelen in het teken van AI en ledenwerving. Voor een volle zaal met Rotary leden en gasten gaf Sirous in mooi kijkje in de wereld van AI met een focus op de ethische aspecten. Een thema dat naadloos aansloot bij de 4-way test van Rotary. Sirous wist de [...]
Aexus Sevilla Intercultural Communication - Sirous Kavehercy

Aexus Company Meeting – Sevilla, Spain – Intercultural Communication

“A few years ago Sirous facilitated an intercultural communication workshop for Aexus sales team in The Netherlands. When we decided to organize a company gathering in Sevilla last year my team was unanimous that we should invite Sirous for a keynote presentation about intercultural communication. Sirous has many years of hands-on experience working in various […]

2014 - DartGroup - Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Sirous Kavehercy - banner

Culture – Context for Media, Marketing and Globalization

People are loyal to culture not strategy! Culture provides an important context for our communication, media usage, marketing and global strategies. People travel, migrate or connect online always carrying their culture with them. Therefore recognizing cultural diversity is a very important asset for any organization. Recently I was invited by marketing agency Dart Group to speak […]

Sirous Kavehercy - Darts Group Interview

DartGroup Greenspot Session on Culture

Interview with DartGroup Interview Transcript in English What does the statement ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ mean to you? What is the cultural context of the digital revolution? Are marketers and communication specialists sufficiently aware of culture? Why should everyone come to the Greenspot on the 19th of March and what would they miss if […]

Facebook’s Challenges, A Global Perspective

Will Facebook Turn 15? On the 19th of February 2014 Facebook announced it is buying WhatsApp for $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash. There have been numerous speculations about the motivations of Facebook to do this.  WhatsApp, with its 450 million active users, was becoming a serious threat to Facebook. Besides the fact […]

Internet, Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Time To Reboot!

This presentation was given at Internet Hungary on the 15th of October 2013. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein As you may agree, internet has increasingly become a destination for us rather than a useful tool. We refer to internet through commercial brands (Facebook, […]

Cultural Awareness Workshop – Belgium/The Netherlands

Cultural Awareness keynote followed by facilitating a discussion in a group of 60 employees and senior managers at a market leading client about cultural differences between Belgium and The Netherlands and how these influence our communication, organization and management. If you would like to find out more about the presentation please get in touch.