Podcast Cultuur en Marketing: SRM-NIMA Marketing Break

Is het raar of is het anders? Dat is een vraag die je moet stellen wanneer je geconfronteerd wordt met een andere cultuur. Wat voor jou vreemd is, kan voor een ander heel normaal zijn. Als marketeer, moet je hier rekening mee houden als je verschillende doelgroepen wilt bereiken. In de nieuwste aflevering van Marketing […]

Interview With Digital Hungary About Open And Free Internet

Last month I was invited to speak at Internet Hungary Conference 2013. Below is my interview with the website Digital Hungary about the importance of a free and open internet and our opportunities and responsibilities towards it. The original interview is in Hungarian and can be found here. Below is a Google translation of the […]

Internet, Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Time To Reboot!

This presentation was given at Internet Hungary on the 15th of October 2013. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein As you may agree, internet has increasingly become a destination for us rather than a useful tool. We refer to internet through commercial brands (Facebook, […]

The New Relevant – Advertising & Digital Media- Media Hungary

The presentation I gave at Media Hungary 2013 in Siofok on May 14th. What does it mean to be “relevant”? We all have our own interpretations. Media landscape has changed and with it our social behavior and perceptions of relevance. This presentation discusses The New Relevant and presents a few case studies. Special credits and […]