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Sirous Kavehercy


With over two decades of hands on strategic and pioneering work in digital media worldwide, Sirous has developed a deep understanding of how cultural diversity and globalization influence organizations, businesses, sales & marketing. Sirous is passionate about culture, technology and communications and enjoys sharing his views and insights through trainings, presentations and consultancy.

Sirous is the founder of Tripylon Media, a boutique management consultancy firm specialized in developing cross media marketing strategies and business models. In this role, he combines his personal and professional experience with scientific and academic research to help his clients manage culture and cultural differences as key success drivers for their business.

Having lived, studied and worked in over fifty countries spread across five continents Sirous provides his clients a unique mixture of real life intercultural experiences, strong business acumen and a solid academic background. He has worked with over two hundred international clients and partners, among which industry leading multinational corporations.

Sirous is a respected thought leader, who has presented and chaired sessions at various international conferences and events. In his presentations, he inspires his audience with personal insights, from his years of traveling and work. Currently, Sirous is researching and writing a book on the influence of culture on international marketing and digital media.

Prior to Tripylon Media, Sirous worked for CGI (previously Logica/CMG/Acision) and held a number of positions in Sales & Marketing including his last role as Director of Innovation Network. In this role, he collaborated with partners worldwide to create innovative applications and services for the communications industry. In his earlier positions Sirous was involved in many industry’s firsts, including the launch of the world’s first mobile media company in seven countries and the introduction of mobile internet.

Sirous graduated summa cum laude from the University of Amsterdam with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science in 1996. His specializations were Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.



“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast” — Peter Drucker


People Say

M. Raben, CTO EMEA

"Sirous's ability to  create new perspectives based on his experiences with different cultures is second to none. He did exactly that during our Big Data Inspiration Day where he highlighted the relevance of cultural backgrounds in the effective use of technology. He was pleasant to listen to, very inspiring but above all very relevant for our audience."

B. Smeenk, Policy Advisor International Centre, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Thank you Sirous for the great presentation as our keynote speaker! It really was 'spot-on' with regard to the subject of the International Week: "Online and offline international communication and media trends". Especially your many examples of cultural differences in marketing campaigns in various parts of the world brought the subject to life. Right after your keynote we received many requests from students about your presentation and whether it was already online as they wanted to watch it again. Our compliments also from all these students. Hopefully we could do this again next year!

G. Dik - Events

"I benefited a whole lot from the one-day course of Sirous on social media. Different categories of social media and their background and history became clear to me with this session. Sirous is very knowledgeable of how social media is used worldwide and how these are influenced by local habits of each country. He gives clear explanations and knows how to make these complex topics simple to understand. Sirous is a skilled trainer, listens well to the demand of the customer and provides thorough responses. Highly recommended!"

A. Wierenga - Corporate Communications

"Sirous, with your presentation on "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" you did exactly what you set out to do: enabling me to look at culture from a different angle."

Floor de Groot – Institute of International Management Studies, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

"Sirous gave our students an excellent insight in global marketing communication during an intensive international week. Sirous has a broad knowledge of the way companies adjust their marketing strategies to various contexts. Sirous is very nice to work with, and an inspiring, humorous and professional storyteller. He knows how to make a connection with his audience."


I am very satisfied with the Customer Journey workshop that Sirous recently conducted for me and my colleagues. He has a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the subject matter. He is a very enthusiastic trainer and provides clear explanations of complex topics. He enriches his stories with relevant and interesting real-life examples and case studies.

International Business Students

“Inspiring”, “creating awareness” and “motivational” are several quotes to describe the workshop about personal branding & culture that Sirous provided the members of AIESEC at the University of Antwerp. Sirous gave us a different understanding of the concept of culture and how it affects personal branding. Different from the framework we are taught as students and young professionals in a Western and individualistic societies. Sirous's workshop couldn’t have been more powerful.

Member of Product Development

“The course was practically tailored for our company needs, it was relevant and helped me to reaffirm some things I was not sure of and enabled me to discover some others that I have no idea were affecting my everyday relations with my colleagues.”

NCOI University

  • "Sirous has a lot of knowledge and he can convey this very well! He provides lots of real life examples and helps everyone through successful completion of the course. I believe we were very fortunate to have Sirous as our teacher."
  • “Thanks Sirous for your enthusiasm and for giving us a broader view of Internet and online communications. This has given me much energy and many new insights.”
  • "Great lecturer!!"
  • "Sirous is an extraordinarily and highly competent lecturer in the field of digital media. The best part of our training was that he deepened our understanding of the online world around us far beyond the standard material. He showed us the much bigger picture of marketing and current trends."
  • "It is obvious that Sirous has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. He delivers the material with a lot of enthusiasm and he is a great coach as much as he is a lecturer."
  • "Very interesting and inspiring!"
  • "Teacher was very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Sirous knew exactly how to explain the theory in a fun way and he adds a lot of his personal experiences while doing so. Topics were delivered clearly and everyone of us was challenged to apply what we have learnt in our daily work. We learnt a great deal about different points of views and I am excited to get started with what I learned."
  • "So much knowledge and enthusiasm all in one person: Fantastic!"
  • "Sirous’s lessons are filled with great examples. He is very pleasant to listen to."
  • "I find Sirous to be an inspiring personality who motivates at the same time!"
  • "Knowledgeable and convincing!"
  • "Sirous talks with passion about his work and it is fun to be taken along on his journey."

M. Bauwman - HR

"Sirous takes you on a journey into the world of social media, from overview to details, as he shares his experiences with you accompanied by demonstrations. Before his training I was a moderate user of social media. However, through Sirous’s enthusiastic and lively story I have learnt a great deal about the social media landscape. I understand better now which ones are suitable for me and, even better, I actively use them. Sirous’s training is a must for anyone who wants to gain practical knowledge of social media."

A. Popova - Marketing Director

"Sirous has proven to be a brilliant speaker at our events. His presentations and comments are always engaging and relevant and he perfectly knows how to get and hold the attention of the audience."

D. Rempt - CEO

“From our first meeting until the end of the engagement, Sirous has added value in ways unmatched by others. Highly recommended if you're looking for someone to add extreme value to your mobile strategy & business model."

N. de Boer - Development Manager

"With your presentation at AIESEC you encouraged me to travel more and learn more about different cultures of the world. At the end of this year, I have planned a trip through Asia to get me started."


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“We Build Too Many Walls And Not Enough Bridges.” — Isaac Newton




“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” – Alvin Toffler

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